6 Strategies to Increase Construction Sales 

The construction industry creates $2.1 trillion worth of structures every year in the U.S. alone, Increase construction sales by using these strategies.


6 Strategies to Increase Construction Sales 

The construction industry creates $2.1 trillion worth of structures every year in the U.S. alone. With this, comes some challenges, like extreme levels of competition… combined with figuring out how to increase construction sales.

Let’s review some quick tips and strategies that you can start using right now to increase the effectiveness of your construction sales process. Let’s make sure you achieve your sales goals by always increasing your construction sales.

6 Strategies to Increase Construction Sales Right Now!

These construction sales strategies will guide you towards meeting your company’s financial goals. These must-have strategies are essential for your business in the construction industry especially if you are a general contractor, commercial builder, renovator, etc.

1) Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers is your #1 priority. You need to understand their wants, needs, and proactively solve for the challenges they are facing. Customers are smart decision-makers and won’t invest if you can’t sell them your vision. Try to gather information about your ideal customers - put yourself in their shoes, think of what might be their expectations, field of work, and how they like to communicate.

Delivering excellent customer experience is essential if you would like to outperform your competition.

2) Build an Effective Sales Process

You want to build an effective sales process to increase construction sales. This is complex in itself. But let’s boil it down to a few pieces. You need to hire the right talent and sales leadership to guide your process. Let’s face it. You’re definitely a jack of all trades entrepreneur, but you really need a specialized expert in sales to define a tailored process for your business. Here’s some tips on how to hire the best sales rep for your construction business.

It’s important to find the right sales talent so you’re always improving. Perfect your sales process constantly until you achieve your sales goal.

Sales lead. What is it and how we do classify them? Hot, Warm, Cold

3) Create More Sales Leads

Work with your newly hired sales leader to create more sales leads. A Fractional Sales leader has expertise to look into lead-capturing techniques like building a website for your construction company, offering free guides and ebooks, and using social media and other digital channels to reach your target customers. We’ve put together some top tips to find more construction projects and clients. 

With all your competition, it’s important to stay relevant and have innovative marketing tactics. There are many easy ways you can market your construction company and stand out! 

4) Turn Your Sales Leads into Qualified Prospects

You need to turn your sales leads into qualified prospects so that you can submit your proposal to them. One of the best ways to turn sales leads into qualified prospects is to understand your client and ask relevant questions - like what is the timeframe for their project? What are they looking for? What features or aspects of the project they are not willing to negotiate? Etc.

Think about how you can “Measure Twice, Cut Once. While originating in carpentry, this phrase represents an approach of accuracy, planning, and efficiency that can benefit contractors across construction projects. 

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5) Increase Customer Trust and Loyalty

Increased customer trust and loyalty will lead to an increase in construction sales for your company. It is far more expensive and time-consuming to acquire new customers than to retain old ones. If you can increase customer trust and loyalty you will generate repeat work and increase sales through word of mouth.

Put your customers first and always give them a white glove service. Make sure they’re taken care of. These are also great ways to get a referral system in place. A direct referral can be instant business.

6) Use Technology To Achieve Higher Sales

Not the most popular guy in school - technology and construction can sometimes be tought o integrate. But you need to get your team on board with technologies like CRM, project management platforms, and social media platforms, to plan strategies, manage sales and projects. You should always be tracking performance to help build and maintain customer relationships and company reputation. Sending updates to your clients is a very reliable and great way to build trust. 

3 Ways Technology Can Increase a Salesperson's Productivity

Every construction company wants to increase construction sales. So you need to ask yourself what are you doing differently to outperform your competition. The different strategies we talked about above are essential and will help you achieve your sales goal.

Not only that, they will increase your organizational efficiency and will help you build an improved customer experience to win over more clients.

Understanding Your Market

The success of any startup relies heavily on understanding the market it operates in and identifying the ideal customers within that market. Understanding your customer and becoming a subject matter expert is key, especially at the formidable stages.

By having insight into potential customers, you know what problems you should be solving with your product and how to communicate in a way that appeals to them.

The market is the broader industry that you serve. The ideal customer dives deeper into who your product is the best fit to serve. It's a way to segment your customers.

You might not know who your product best serves yet, and that is okay, but it's important to hypothesize and test who is.

Make some assumptions about what would make a customer a good fit for your product and test those assumptions otherwise, use your current customer base and data to guide you.

Here are some of the key steps to understanding your market and identifying your ideal customers:

Understanding Your Market

1. Research industry trends and news: Stay updated on current and emerging trends in your industry. Search Google news, read articles and follow the right people on social media to gain insights into customer preferences and potential opportunities.

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