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Top companies hire the top people with the right skills. Get the right people & skills on your team to grow your company into a top company in your market

Without great people, it's tough to build a great company. Problem solved.

Hiring the right people can be difficult for a small business, so we started Ideal Rev to make it easier.

It's hard to know who to hire when you lack the skills you're looking for and have so much else going on with your business.

Let a team of experts take these problems off your plate with the right mix of skills, freelance, and full-time talent to help your business grow faster for less.

Our team gets the job done.

Head of Sales & Marketing
Kyle Ferguson

Passionate about working with ambitious business owners and talented teammates to make their vision come to life.

sales & Marketing Operations Director
Mike Hepper

Passionate about working with small businesses to grow fast with outbound sales and working out.

Head of Growth
Melissa Eng

Passionate about growth planning, project management, building processes, recruiting, and hiking.

Executive Sales Advisor
Laura Kane

Over 25 years of sales experience working with fast-growing startups like Bond to Fortune 500s like Paypal,

Not only do I bring a long list of contacts across multiple industries, but she has a proven ability to connect where connection is needed. She fosters a climate that encourages professional development, risk-taking, and innovation.

​She and her teams have combined business and legal expertise to conduct superior needs analysis, creatively structuring deals and successfully negotiating high-return/profitable agreements in a decisive and timely manner. They have generated, expanded, and retained clients by consistently delivering a great customer experience.

Marketing Advisor
Kurt Cannarella

12+ years of integrated paid media and marketing experience, he brings a wealth of cross-channel knowledge and expertise.  

I've worked with top advertising agencies in the United States;  developing paid media advertising strategies for multiple Fortune 100 brands as well as small companies.

From my days in the New York ad agency scene, I recently moved to Dallas, Texas to settle down with my family. My current focus is on helping brands scale rapidly with paid media, where I help design the paid media strategy and launch efforts for fast growing small businesses.

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