Construction Sales Reps

Build relationships with new clients and win more projects

Hire Part-Time Sales Reps to Win More Projects & Grow Your Business

Having an effective sales strategy is crucial for securing projects and driving business growth. As a small but growing construction company, you might not be ready to hire a full-time sales rep, but you want to grow your business and not have to rely on your current clients or do all of the business development yourself. 

The construction industry is all about building relationships with the right people. By hiring a part-time sales rep in the Ideal Rev network, you get a rep who is dedicated to finding you new clients, representing your company in its best light, find you ideal projects that you are excited about and building relationships on your companies behalf.

Why Hire A Construction Sales Rep with Ideal Rev?

Dedicated Sales Manager

Each rep is assigned a dedicated sales manager to ensure we are on track to hitting our sales goals.


Hire part-time sales reps to drive revenue without the high costs associated with full-time employees.

Focus on Your Core Business:

With our sales reps handling the sales process, you can focus on delivering quality construction projects.

Targeted Outreach

We focus on reaching out to potential clients and winning projects that are a perfect fit for your business.

Relationship Building

Our sales reps excel at building strong relationships with new clients and existing clients, ensuring repeat business and long-term growth.

Sales Training and Marketing Support

Our team provides ongoing training and marketing support to ensure your sales reps always perform at their best.

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Get started Winning More Projects.

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