Contract top talent to grow your construction business faster with less overhead

Construction sales reps, marketing, recruiting & more

Grow Your Business with Us. Hire Construction Sales Reps To Win More Projects & Recruiters To Build Your Team.

Get the expertise of a big company without the overhead

Without top talent or sales and marketing skills, your company will never grow as top companies do.

Ambitious construction business owners hire contracted sales reps, marketing freelancers, and recruiters with Ideal Rev to achieve big-company results without the big-company budget.

We take care of sales, marketing, and hiring so you can focus on what you do best.

You get the right people on your team without taking the risk and spending time hiring yourself.

We are working with select construction companies with high-growth potential.

We grow your business with you

Just like you contract out trade experts for your projects, you can contract top sales, marketing, and recruitment talent to help you grow faster with less overhead.

Hire a construction sales rep to ramp up your sales efforts, win new projects, and build relationships with clients.

Recruit for less - get the job done for half the price of a traditional recruitment agency.

We partner with ambitious owners to develop a growth plan and hire the right people to grow their construction business

Hire vetted specialists in each area of your marketing plan, from website development to content strategy to SEO to paid media.

hiring an SDR, BDR or sales rep

Hire the right talent
for the job

Hiring the right talent takes time and can be expensive. It’s hard to find people experienced with growing construction businesses. It starts with hiring the right people to build, train, and lead your team.

Grow Faster With A Plan

strategizing over outbound sales campaigns for a B2B business

1. Set your Growth Plan.

With the right plan, growing your business becomes manageable. Then, you need the right people to implement the plan.

strategizing over outbound sales campaigns for a B2B business

2. Ramping up Your Sales

We determine and implement the ideal plan to ramp up your sales.

By prioritizing the top sales & marketing channels for your business, we focus on the high ROI activities.

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strategizing over outbound sales campaigns for a B2B business

3. Scale your business & Build Your Team

As your business grows, you need to hire the right people that you can rely on to scale your operation.

We help you put the right processes in place and hire the right people to run with them.

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