Turning Your Spam Strategy Into Sales Strategy

Michael Hepper
April 9, 2024
2 min

We often joke that sales is basically just spamming people effectively. Sometimes it's literally just finding the most effective way to spam people. 94% of your prospects are going to look at your email or phone call like another telemarketer or spammer. That's why we work as hard as we can to stand out from a personalization stand point.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

When you are running email, marketing, or sales campaigns it is just spamming at scale. The point of this is to target your ideal customers in an effective scalable way. Your job as a sales and marketing is to hone in on who is most likely to not look at your messaging at spam. What customers are most likely to buy your product and spend the most money? By being more targeted, you can expend less resources to achieve more results.

Developing Your Target Market

When we run an outbound email campaign, we are trying to find the most effective way to generate more sales opportunities without being marked as spam. The number one thing that we do is build highly targeted lists, full of valuable contact information data to help us to personalize our emails. We hone in on our target by first making assumptions on who is most likely to convert and then testing different ways of outreach to each segment to see where the most interest is. Then we double down on what works and cut out what didn't.

Email Deliverability

When running an effective outbound strategy be sure to follow all best practices when reaching out to people who aren't opted in. Use a tool like Glock Apps to measure your email deliverability and test your inbox rate to make sure that you’re hitting inbox. If you’re not hitting inbox then your sales strategy will be not be very effective unless you mainly rely on sales calls.

Learn How To Spam Effectively

If you want to learn how to streamline your outbound sales strategy without hurting your domain contact us for a free strategy session. We will give a basic overview of what we do and how we can provide you with effective strategies to keep you from being blacklisted as much as possible. Please feel free to reachout to Mike@idealrevconsulting.com!

Understanding Your Market

The success of any startup relies heavily on understanding the market it operates in and identifying the ideal customers within that market. Understanding your customer and becoming a subject matter expert is key, especially at the formidable stages.

By having insight into potential customers, you know what problems you should be solving with your product and how to communicate in a way that appeals to them.

The market is the broader industry that you serve. The ideal customer dives deeper into who your product is the best fit to serve. It's a way to segment your customers.

You might not know who your product best serves yet, and that is okay, but it's important to hypothesize and test who is.

Make some assumptions about what would make a customer a good fit for your product and test those assumptions otherwise, use your current customer base and data to guide you.

Here are some of the key steps to understanding your market and identifying your ideal customers:

Understanding Your Market

1. Research industry trends and news: Stay updated on current and emerging trends in your industry. Search Google news, read articles and follow the right people on social media to gain insights into customer preferences and potential opportunities.

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